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How it works

We’ve successfully implemented Measurement-Based Care across hundreds of clinics, hospitals, and health systems. Here are some of the key results:

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MBC Dashboard
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Average Symptom Improvement

MBC Dashboard

These data points reflect the results of Greenspace Measurement-Based Care on average across the hundreds of organizations in North America who have implemented our platform.

A Sneak Peek into the Platform

We take the procedural tasks out of measurement while giving your admin and providers the ability to edit or add assessments at any time, adjust their frequency, delivery method, and so much more.

Filter by Program Tags

Create custom tags to automatically assign multiple assessments and filter data by program type, demographics, location, time in care, and more.

A Sneak Peek into the Platform

Allow for Client Visibility

One of the most important aspects of MBC. Invite clients to track their progress outside of session and provide them with full visibility into their own results, which research shows increases engagement and improves outcomes.

A Sneak Peek into the Platform

Review Aggregate Data

View and analyze data across your organization using your custom clinic dashboard. Understand each program or provider’s impact, identify needs, and make evidence-informed decisions.

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Capture and Share Notes

Create and customize session notes, including uploading documents for your clients to complete or creating new templates to be used across your organization. Easily share notes with clients and collaborative care providers, or leverage them for additional context during supervision discussions.

A Sneak Peek into the Platform

Customize Your Platform

Maintain a consistent brand experience for clients by fully customizing your MBC platform with your organizations logo, colours, and messaging.

Standing out from the crowd

We’ve set the standard for MBC technology with distinctive features and capabilities to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, program types and populations served.

Health Systems

350+ Evidence-Based Assessments

Personalize assessments to your clients unique needs with up to 350 evidence-based assessments. We’re always adding new assessments to our platform and can add in any additional assessments you may need.

highest security standards

Highest Privacy Standards

Greenspace is committed to maintaining privacy and security that exceeds PIPEDA, PHIPA, HIPAA and all regional standards, as well as being SOC II Type II certified.

flexible assessment completion options

Assessment Flexibility

Clients can complete assessments at home via email or SMS or using our Kiosk function before, after, or during sessions. For remote assessment delivery, customize the frequency and delivery date/time to fit your clients preferred schedule.

Multilingual Platform

Improve accessibility and inclusivity of your services by offering a multilingual client-facing dashboard, allowing clients to complete assessments and view their results in their preferred language.

Scalable Technology

Scalable Technology

Greenspace can adapt to your growing needs, allowing you to easily you modify your measurement workflow and effortlessly add clinicians or clients as your organization scales or evolves.

Accessible Platform

Accessible Platform

Greenspace follows an accessibility first development approach to ensure we provide equal access and opportunity to people with diverse abilities across all of our solutions. We work towards building barrier free environments, designed to maintain the dignity and independence of its users.

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Data used to monitor symptoms over time
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Our MBC platform can integrate with over 85 EHR/EMR systems, and our team will do the work for you. We also provide an open API that an organization can leverage directly, or through a more collaborative implementation process.

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MBC became one of our highest priority strategic initiatives because we can influence care for the individual, we can build systems that unify care across a broad geography and multiple services, and then influence external stakeholders about what is important. We can show it, we can demonstrate it, and we can share that with them.

Brandon Fisher

Chief Strategy Officer, Merakey

I use Measurement-Based Care in my work at Greenestone to help empower clients, create effective communication between them and their care team, and offer the potential to follow through with additional outside services.

Naomi Richter

Director of Care

Greenspace has improved provider and client buy-in to MBC with the ease of use and the feedback it gives to both parties. It creates another way to gather information from clients that can be used in treatment planning and building a connection with the service provider.

Shannon Remers

Sr Manager, Research and Outcomes, Homewood Health

As we work hard every day to achieve health equity throughout our services, it is vital to have the client voice at the center of their care process. By partnering with Greenspace, we are able to get data in real-time for both our providers and their clients, which allows us to improve client-provider communication and inform treatment decisions, which is a real game-changer to help us improve overall outcomes and equity in care.

Lisa Russell

Chief Program Officer, Encompass Community Services

I sought a solution for our outpatient psychotherapy clinic that would automate the deployment, scoring, and interpretation of assessments in a way that would optimize patient response rates and provide the tools to use these measurements to inform treatment, both at the patient-level and clinic-wide. Greenspace is that solution.

Damion J. Grasso, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, CT Licensed Clinical Psychologist, UConn Health
Partnering with North America’s leading organizations to deliver the highest quality behavioral health care.
Catholic Charities Logo

Implementing MBC in school, residential, and outpatient mental health programs.

The Children's Guild Logo

MDCBH organization supporting child and youth clients with MBC.

One of the largest non-profit human services providers in the US.

California Assisted Supportive Living Logo

Providing housing and services to individuals experiencing homelessness.

Texas Tech University Sports Medicine Program Logo

Working primarily with student athletes in the sports psychology program.

Sheppard Pratt Health System Logo

Largest private, nonprofit provider of mental health and social services.

therapist using assessments in treatment

Simplifying MBC for Clients & Service Providers

Homewood Health leverages MBC to streamline and simplify their data collection process, so they can better track client progress over time.

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39% increase in assessment completion

“We wanted to enhance our Measurement-Based Care by embedding a more sophisticated data gathering tool and increase the use of MBC in a more user-friendly way, for both the clients and service providers.”

Shannon Remers
Sr Manager, Research and Outcomes, Homewood Health

Homewood Health Logo

The move to Greenspace allows us to capture data that has less errors, feedback the results back to both clients and service providers instantly, drive program improvement and understand the ever-evolving climate of our clients’ needs.

Shannon Remers

Sr Manager, Research and Outcomes, Homewood Health
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Does Greenspace maintain security practices in line with industry best practices and US standards?

Security of patient information and privacy is the foundation of the Greenspace platform. We take this responsibility very seriously and have implemented significant measures to safeguard patients’ personal health information that exceed industry standards and best practices. Greenspace is SOC 2 Type II compliant and conforms to digital and physical security protocols (including HIPAA), with SSL-secured access, AES encryption at the filesystem level, and firewalls protecting all data. We take many additional precautions to protect privacy including: requiring strong passwords, automatic logouts, automatic access logging, secured data backups, two factor authentication and restrictive data access procedures. Please review our Security Page for more details.

Where is patient information and data stored?

All patient information and data is stored in the US. Greenspace works with a secure cloud hosting provider called Aptible, which is specifically designed to securely manage and store confidential and highly sensitive healthcare information. Aptible has been tested and certified by security professionals from Kaiser Permanente, MD Anderson, UnitedHealth Group, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, and many others. In addition, Aptible is certified for compliance with ISO 27001, SOC 2, and HITRUST CSF.

Why is measuring progress important?

Research consistently shows that the ongoing and consistent measurement of progress throughout therapy leads to significantly improved treatment outcomes. MBC has been proven to contribute to a 3.5x higher likelihood of a client experiencing reliable change, 42% higher overall improvement in clinical symptoms, and a 40% lower dropout or cancellation rate.

Is there a way to limit what certain administrators and support staff are able to view?

Yes. Each time you create an Account, you can set permissions applicable to that specific user. This means that each Admin Account, and others, can be granted the exact permissions and visibility to match their day to day role.

Can new assessments be added to the platform?

Yes. We love hearing suggestions from providers actively using the platform of other assessments that would be beneficial to include. We are always happy to add any new or custom assessments needed to your platform.


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Data used to monitor symptoms over time