Set the Standard for School-Based Mental Health Support

Revolutionize the mental health support available in any school-based setting through Measurement-Based Care. Empower students with insight into their own mental health outcomes and generate a strong understanding of student needs and service effectiveness to identify resource gaps, inform strategic decision making, and drastically improve treatment outcomes.

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Meet Your Students Where They Are.

School-based MBC is they key to better supporting your students. Here’s how:

Ensuring that the right service at the right time is being provided is a key component of Mental Health Services at the Kenora Catholic District School Board. Measurement-Based Care (MBC) will further support Mental Health Workers/Student Well-Being Coaches in making informed clinical decisions. Knowing how important MBC is, we've now partnered with Greenspace Health that will help us easily achieve these goals. Every student will be well supported with the help of a platform like Greenspace.

Sue Devlin

Mental Health Lead, Kenora Catholic District School Board

Greenspace software has allowed us to begin integrating more reliable ‘real time clinical outcomes’ into our practice. Therefore moving along the continuum from care, to measurement and care, and eventually getting to our objective of Measurement-Based Care. The best part, as our team’s confidence with the software improves, so does our clinical outcomes. Hypothesis being, more accurate and timely information on outcomes allows for responsive pivots during service deliver.

Darryl Filmore, M.S.W., R.S.W.

Mental Health Lead, Algoma District School Board

Greenspace allows us the flexibility to easily capture baselines, but more importantly track progress over time. It is so empowering to be able to clearly identify the impact we are having across the students, and also identify those that may need additional support. Our team has found the dashboards to be relevant to track engagement and clinical outcomes, and... we are hopeful that our clinicians can use the insights and develop more streamlined treatment plans.

Rob D'Alonzo, LCP

Chief Clinical Officer, The Lincoln Center for Family and Youth

Proven in Practice

MBC is proven to enhance treatment outcomes and significantly improve the mental health and wellness of students:

Therapeutic Alliance

MBC promotes a strong student/therapist relationship.

Assessment Completion

Remote delivery boosts engagement & completion rates.

Improved outcomes

MBC promotes symptom improvement and recovery rates.

These data points reflect the results of Greenspace Measurement-Based Care on average across the thousands of students in North America who have leveraged our platforms.


Does Greenspace maintain security practices in line with industry best practices and US standards?

Security of student information and privacy is at the foundation of the Greenspace platform. We have implemented significant measures to safeguard data and personal health information that exceed industry standards and best practices. Greenspace is SOC 2 Type II compliant and conforms to digital and physical security protocols (including HIPAA), with SSL-secured access, AES encryption at the filesystem level, and firewalls protecting all data. We take many additional precautions to protect privacy including: requiring strong passwords, automatic logouts, automatic access logging, secured data backups, two factor authentication and restrictive data access procedures. Please review our Security Page for more details.

Where is student information and data stored?

All student information and data is stored in the US. Greenspace works with a secure cloud hosting provider called Aptible, which is specifically designed to securely manage and store confidential and highly sensitive healthcare information. Aptible has been tested and certified by security and privacy professionals from Kaiser Permanente, MD Anderson, UnitedHealth Group, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, and many others. In addition, Aptible is certified for compliance with ISO 27001, SOC 2, and HITRUST CSF.

Can I customize account functionality for different admins and stakeholders?

Absolutely. Each time you create an Account, you can set permissions applicable to that specific user. This means that each admin, teacher, student, provider, clinician, caregiver or otherwise can be granted the exact permissions and visibility to match their needs. That said, it is important to note that students and caregivers do not need an account in order to submit assessments.

My school requires specific assessments that are not currently on your platform, can these be added?

Yes. Greenspace can build custom assessments as needed. Whether they’re for screening, baselines assessment, or ongoing data collection— we will work with your team to ensure you can collect all of the data and insights necessary for your school and reporting needs.

Can Greenspace be used for screening and intake?

Yes! Our Intake Platform is design to work seamlessly alongside our Measurement platform. You can efficiently capture all information needed from participants, establish benchmarks for screening, and immediately onboard students intocare— reducing and automating repetitive administrative tasks for your team. Review, filter, and prioritize your intake list based on student-completed assessments, and any other relevant information that you choose to collect.

Can Greenspace integrate with other systems?

Yes. Greenspace is already integrated with 85+ other systems and EHR’s. Our team can manage the process from start to finish, providing your team with a seamless integration into any system using a standards-based framework. Alternatively, we offer an open API that organizations can build against directly – either with an in-house IT team or in collaboration with a vendor. Either way, our team will support the process and work collaboratively to ensure that you’re set up for success. For more information, explore out Integrations Page.

What assessment completion methods does Greenspace offer?

Students can receive assessments via email or SMS and can complete assessments on their phone, desktop, tablet or using our Kiosk function in person. Both administrators and participants can choose to customize the frequency and delivery date/time of assessments to fit students preferred schedule or what is required by your programs.

Can the platform be custom branded for our school?

Absolutely! The platform can be custom branded to reflect your institutions identity. Custom branding includes, (i) a custom web address; (ii) inclusion of your organization’s logo and colour scheme; (iii) custom student resources; (iii) customized messaging and emails (iiii) removal of all references to Greenspace; and (iv) custom terms of use and privacy policies.

What are some examples of school mental health questionnaires?

There is no right or wrong way to choose the school mental health questionnaires you provide to students. Many schools, school boards, and districts have specific measures that are required for reporting, while others choose to assign a set of assessments based on the challenges of their specific populations, programs, or groups.

What’s important is ensuring that the mental health questionnaires you choose are measuring what’s important to your students and clinical team, so you can properly monitor and understand the challenges clients are facing and how they are progressing throughout care.

As an example, many of the schools Greenspace is partnered with use generalized questionnaires for anxiety (GAD-7) and depression (PHQ-9). They also leverage questionnaires specific to children and youth, like the Pediatric Symptom Checklist (PSC-17), the Children’s Hope Scale (CHS) and measures for child ADHD (SNAP IV 26) and child anxiety and depression (RCADS-25).

For more information on choosing school mental health questionnaires or to see a list of assessments available on Greenspace, visit our Assessments Hub.

What is School Mental Health Ontario?

School Mental Health Ontario (SMHO) is Ontario’s Ministry of Education’s implementation partner for student mental health, responsible for providing evidence-informed mental health services implementation support to school districts across the province of Ontario, Canada. With evidence-based strategies and services at the core of their work, they are helping to drive improved care and resources, alongside the Ministry of Education, for both English and French school districts.

In order to do so most effectively, they’ve set the foundation for service delivery through a multi-tiered system of support and a detailed guide for schools to improve processes, roles, service coordination, and the quality of available services. Importantly, SMHO highlights ‘evidence and monitoring’ as a foundational component for “effective, scalable, and sustainable school mental health practice.” Their reasoning for this mandate is clear and relies heavily on the well-researched benefits of Measurement-Based Care:

“Sound implementation and outcome indicators, and measurement tools that inform needs and monitor uptake and effectiveness, are essential for making decisions in supporting student mental health. Continuous quality improvement cycles with progress monitoring help in understanding the success of implementation, of both outcome and process indicators.”

We’re excited to be supporting six school boards across the province of Ontario, as they follow SMHO recommendations to implement Measurement-Based Care and enhance the quality of care they deliver to their students.

Learn more about the momentum for school-based mental health in Ontario and North America more broadly here.

Partnering with schools and districts across North America to deliver the highest quality mental health care.

Frederick County Public Schools

Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) is one of the largest school divisions in Maryland, supporting over 14,000 students across various age groups. When the COVID pandemic was coming to an end, they identified the need for more robust evidence-based mental health treatments for students and invested significant time and funds towards improving the effectiveness of available behavioral health support services. FCPS understood the impact that Measurement-Based Care would have in school settings and chose to work with Greenspace to help drive improved outcomes for student mental health across their district.

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Frederick County Public Schools

“Greenspace provided a well-articulated and research informed message about the importance of Measurement-Based Care that was shared with district decision-makers, increasing confidence and support for investing in additional school therapists. The platform offers easy-to-access tools that our school therapists and psychologists could instantly employ to gather data to guide treatment decisions and regularly measure the effectiveness of their interventions.”

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Frederick County Public Schools

“In an academic setting, progress is based on reliable and valid outcome measures. In our district, mental health staff are now using the same approach to guide and evaluate therapeutic care, and the Greenspace tools are now an integral part of reporting clinical progress to IEP teams. Sharing progress charts, easily available on the Greenspace platform, has encouraged staff, students and their families with real-time evidence showing that positive change is not only possible, but probable with effective care.”

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