Partner Spotlight  |   Jan 26, 2024  |   2 minute read

Speaker Spotlight: Exploring the Impact of Measurement-Based Care at Homewood Health

We are excited as we gear up for our upcoming educational webinar featuring Homewood Health, a standout leader in North America’s mental health and addictions care landscape, revered as a beacon of excellence in their comprehensive continuum of high-quality services.

Ahead of the session, we wanted to provide our community with the opportunity to get familiar with our special guest, Shannon Remers, the Director of Research and Outcomes at Homewood, as well as our Host and Greenspace CEO, Jeremy Weisz.

Keep reading for some background on Homewood, each of our speakers, and a sneak peek into the knowledge and experience Shannon and Jeremy will be sharing during the session.

Homewood Health

Homewood Health is at the forefront of mental health and wellbeing, providing an unparalleled continuum of care to people across Canada. They achieve outstanding outcomes every day through their national network of over 6,000 employees and clinical experts working in partnership with leading employers, organizations, researchers, and governments. Their unique and comprehensive stepped care continuum of services provides the most complete range of mental health services available nationally–from organizational support & training programs to employee assistance & mental health programs as well as specialized expertise in assessments, return to work, recovery management, and family support.

Homewood believes in the transformational power of care and the organization’s expertise and innovation are recognized across the country for helping people across Canada live healthier, more productive, and more fulfilling lives.

Shannon Remers
Director of Research and Outcomes, Homewood Health Inc (HHI)

Shannon Remers has been working at Homewood Health for the last 10 years. In her current role, Shannon leads Homewood’s internal research initiatives aimed at optimizing and improving outcomes, bringing best practice into programs, implementing Measurement-Based Care in treatment, and leveraging psychometrics to help determine optimal treatment plans. Shannon has led the development and implementation of Measurement-Based Care at Homewood since its inception and continues to look for ways to maximize its use, benefits, and clinical applications across their services—as well as within the larger mental health and substance use system.

Jeremy Weisz
Co-founder and CEO, Greenspace Health

As the Co-founder and CEO of Greenspace Health, Jeremy Weisz is revolutionizing the mental health industry through the implementation of MBC across the full continuum of mental health services. With a deep understanding of its potential to transform the quality of mental health services, Jeremy co-founded Greenspace to bridge the gap between MBC research and its practical clinical implementation. Under his leadership, Greenspace has successfully supported over 500 clinics, hospitals, insurers and health systems across North America in leveraging MBC to improve their mental health services. Jeremy is passionate about improving the quality of support services available to any individual accessing care, which is evident in his unwavering dedication to ensuring MBC implementation is easy to accomplish for all stakeholders in order to empower the consistent innovation and transformation of mental health services.

Jeremy has worked closely with Shannon and the implementation team at Homewood since their initial launch of MBC. He’s had the pleasure of presenting alongside Shannon on several occasions, promoting the utility and impact of MBC, and highlighting Homewood as an exceptional framework for MBC implementations that will drastically enhance clinical outcomes.

We’re so excited for Shannon and Jeremy to take the ‘virtual stage’ in this educational webinar, open to all system or clinical leaders and clinicians interested in learning about MBC from one of North America’s leading mental health service organizations. Don’t miss out— we’ll be diving into Homewood’s MBC strategy, insights and outcome data together on Thursday, February 8th, from 1-2 pm EST.

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