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Meet the Panelists: Transforming Behavioral Health Systems Through Measurement-Based Care

We’re bringing together an exceptional group of behavioral health innovators to explore the value of Measurement-Based Care (MBC) during our upcoming educational session on Thursday, April 25th. Each panelist has been selected for their unique expertise and diverse background within the behavioral health industry and together, their perspectives cover the complexities that exist across the continuum of care for large and system-level behavioral health services–from within a leading accreditation body, across a national system, and within a managed care organization (MCO).

Anyone who has been following Greenspace or has attended one of our previous educational webinars is likely familiar with world-renowned applied psychologist and leading global expert on MBC, Dr. David Clark. For our upcoming session, we’re welcoming back Dr. Clark to the virtual stage, alongside two new experts: Melinda Lehman from The Joint Commission and Dr. Sandra Berg from CareSource. To help break the ice ahead of the session, we wanted to introduce our two new  speakers, dive into their backgrounds, and highlight the meaningful work being done by their organizations.

Let’s jump in!

Meet Dr. Sandra K. Berg

Senior Director, Behavioral Health

Dr. Sandra Berg’s current role at CareSource is on the Complex Health Solutions team as their Behavioral Health Senior Director, where she’s focused on program development and the organizational strategic approach to meet the needs of their members. CareSource is a nationally recognized, nonprofit managed care organization serving over 2 million members. Founded in 1989, CareSource administers one of the largest Medicaid managed care plans in the U.S. With the goal of lowering costs and improving care quality, CareSource is transforming health care by providing innovative programs to members in a growing number of states, including Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia.

Dr. Berg is also a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and has a doctoral degree in industrial/organizational psychology. She is the active chair of the Governor’s Subcommittee on Children’s Mental Health in Kansas, whose role is to report and make recommendations to the Kansas Governor’s Behavioral Health Services Planning Council and inform the development of and application for state funding grants that work to highlight and address the largest area of need for services among special populations–such as children, individuals who are homeless, and those living in rural areas. She’s served on three legislative workgroups to help drive historical legislation for mental health reform in Kansas during the 2020 and 2021 legislative sessions. 

Sandra has a wealth of experience in the clinical space, having served as Executiveirector of three psychiatric residential treatment facilities for children, the Clinical Director of a children’s psychiatric hospital, Clinical Director of a special purpose school, as well as presenting at both the local and national level–all before entering the managed care space. Before joining CareSource, Sandra served as Executive Director in the Kansas Medicaid managed care market for nearly eight years. Additionally, she has served on many advisory groups for mental health and consulted with Fortune 500 companies. 

We’re excited to have Dr. Berg’s expertise working across a national MCO and are eager to hear her insights into the evolution of value-based contracts in behavioral health and the foundational role that MBC plays in the process.

Meet Melinda Lehman

Executive Director, Behavioral Health & Human Services Program
The Joint Commission

Melinda Lehman is the Executive Director of Business Development for the Behavioral Health Care and Human Services program at The Joint Commission, a national accrediting body that works to continuously improve health care for the public. In order to do so, The Joint Commission regularly sets quality standards for care based on research and best practices, delivers resources and educational opportunities to support the improvement of care quality, and evaluates performance of provider organizations to recognize them for achieving high standards of care.

In her position at The Joint Commission, Melinda Lehman develops and executes strategies to maintain and improve their behavioral health accreditation program in collaboration with other stakeholders. She regularly supports the evaluation process and works to inspire and prepare organizations to excel in providing safe and effective care of the highest possible quality and impact. In her role as Executive Director, Ms. Lehman serves as the Business Development leader for the behavioral health and human services team and is The Joint Commission’s primary representative for the accreditation program followed by their behavioral health service organization members.

At The Joint Commision, Melinda oversees all existing federal and state relationships. She coordinates all standards revisions and additions in accordance with leading practices, behavioral health and human services advances and customer needs while also managings their advisory council relationships.

Ms. Lehman brings to our session over 25 years of healthcare experience to our panel, having focused on improving the quality of care for individuals with chronic conditions including mental health and substance use, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease. We’re eager to learn from her perspectives on the value of MBC and insights into how to implement MBC effectively to meet Joint Commission accreditation standards.

We’ve curated a special session for health systems and large behavioral health organizations that will break down the value and need for MBC, tips for any large-scale implementation, and the connection of MBC to value-based care. Don’t miss the exceptional insights that Dr. Berg and Ms. Lehman will share at our upcoming panel, alongside Dr. David Clark. 

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