In the News  |   May 30, 2023  |   2 minute read

Greenspace Health and the Yale Measurement-Based Care Collaborative Launch New MBC Knowledge Hub

NEW HAVEN, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Greenspace Health and the Yale Measurement-Based Care Collaborative (YMBCC) have partnered to launch the Yale MBC Collaborative Knowledge Hub, designed to provide foundational MBC education to mental and behavioral health providers. The Knowledge Hub will empower clinical leaders and clinicians by providing open access to engaging insights and comprehensive information, directly from the experts at the YMBCC. With detailed information on MBC research, implementation and practice, the Knowledge Hub will help clinical leaders, and clinicians inform measurement processes and MBC implementation to improve the quality of services provided to communities they serve.

The Knowledge Hub builds on the Greenspace and YMBCC partnership, where nearly 1500 clinical leaders and clinicians have participated in an educational series to learn about MBC. The series included strategies for implementation across any behavioral healthcare setting, collaborative approaches to best engage patients in care and how to understand and leverage client-reported data to improve therapeutic alliance and clinical outcomes.

The Knowledge Hub will feature expert insights from the four members of the YMBCC and centralize the content and learnings gathered from their educational sessions with Greenspace. The Hub offers clinicians, administrators, and clinical leaders a new, engaging way to learn about MBC and access all the information they need to integrate it seamlessly into their practice.

“The goal of the Yale MBCC is to provide high-quality resources to support MBC research and practice in mental health. We are grateful to Greenspace for helping us share our message about the value of MBC to an even greater audience,” said Dr. Sandy Resnick, Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine and Founding Member of the Yale Measurement-Based Care Collaborative.

“We’re excited to build on the success of our partnership with the Yale Measurement Based Care Collaborative and launch the Yale MBC Collaborative Knowledge Hub,” said Jesse Hayman, Chief Growth Officer, Greenspace Health. “The proliferation of Measurement-Based Care is becoming widely recognized as a foundational component of evidence-based treatment practices, and the Hub will act as a comprehensive resource where mental health service providers and leaders can learn from the experts at the Yale MBCC to help drive MBC in practice and improve the quality of services offered to the people they support.

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