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Welcoming Our New Partners to Greenspace: April 2022

It’s inspiring to see mental and behavioral health organizations increasingly value the impact of Measurement-Based Care (MBC), and to see how different organizations are using MBC to innovate and improve services. Many new clinics and organization partners have joined Greenspace over the last couple of months, and we haven’t had the chance to share them all with you. Keep reading to learn how our new partners are implementing Measurement-Based Care to enhance their services and provide the highest quality of care possible.


Population Served: Adults living with alcohol and/or drug addiction

Location: Pennsylvania, USA

SpiritLife is an outpatient, non-hospital facility that offers short-term medically monitored detoxification, residential treatment, and rehabilitative therapies to individuals suffering from addiction. Greenspace’s data visualization will help clinicians and clients better understand symptom fluctuations by allowing them to visually review, discuss and respond to the changes shown on their client, clinician, and clinic dashboards. SpiritLife will also continue to engage clients on the platform post-discharge, so they can continue to track their progress and better understand symptom change and response post-treatment.

SpiritLife will also use their MBC data demonstrate the effectiveness of their services to payers when applying for grant funding opportunities, as it provides them with concrete data that demonstrates the value and success of their programs.

Beacon of Hope

Population Served: Individuals living with a mental health or substance use disorder, and/or intellectual or developmental disability

Location: Maryland, USA

Beacon of Hope is an outpatient behavioral health, psychiatric, substance use disorder, and psychiatric rehabilitation provider. The organization is implementing MBC to track client progress so they can better understand their client’s symptom changes and further engage them by providing full visibility into their personal outcomes. Beacon of Hope will also leverage their clinic data to continually evaluate, innovate, and demonstrate the effectiveness of their services. Lastly, Greenspace’s MBC platform will help Beacon of Hope increase the efficiency of their measurement processes and lessen the administrative strain of using pen and paper assessments.

Hanover Family Health Team

Population Served: Individuals of all ages seeking support for mental health and/or addictions

Location: Hanover, Canada

Hanover Family Health Team is an interdisciplinary group of specialized health care professionals with a focus on preventing illness, promoting health, managing chronic illness, and improving access to mental health services. Their primary mission is to provide the highest level of care that empowers patients, and optimizes the health of individuals, families, and the broader community.

Previously they were using an Electronic Health Record software for assessments, however they wanted the ability to gather more rich data that would support their clinical processes. They are excited by the efficiency and effectiveness of using Greenspace’s software, making it easier for them to use real-time objective client data to track progress, improve patient outcomes and provide patients with insight into their own results.

Clear Hope Wellness

Population Served: Individuals, couples & families seeking mental health support

Location: Texas, USA

Clear Hope Wellness is a private mental health clinic with therapists specializing in a wide range of mental health and wellness issues including trauma, depression, anxiety, OCD, eating disorders, relationship issues, parenting issues, school issues, anger and more. The clinic works under a Value-Based Care model and are required to have clinical data to report on the effectiveness of their services. They’re implementing Measurement-Based Care to assist them in gathering assessment data so they can better track and understand their clients’ progress and are looking forward to having a platform that can organize and present their data in a way that is efficient and easy to understand for both their clinicians and clients.

Life Path

Population Served: Individuals seeking holistic mental health therapy

Location: Colorado, USA

Life Path is a private practice that specializes in various therapeutic modalities including body psychotherapy, energy psychotherapy, mindfulness, and pagan counselling. Life Path is implementing MBC to monitor how clients are progressing throughout therapy and to keep them engaged throughout the process. They highly value the perspectives of their clients, and using client-reported data to inform their treatment is essential to ensuring client voices are centered at the heart of care. Life Path plans to have custom assessments built and administered through Greenspace to suit the unique needs or their clients and practice.

Wrapping Up

If you’re interested in learning more about MBC or how other organizations have used Greenspace to transform their measurement process and improve clinical outcomes, you can book a call with one our our implementation experts or send us an email anytime at info@greenspacehealth.com.

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