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Greenspace Health Selected as a Vendor of Record for Mental Health and Addictions Measurement Based Care in Ontario

Implementation of Measurement-Based Care Solution promotes improved mental health outcomes across Ontario

TORONTO, ON – April 19, 2022 – Greenspace Health has been selected as one of the Vendors of Record (VOR) by Ontario Health to assist as a Measurement-Based Care solution for mental health and addictions treatment providers in the province. This VOR arrangement is available to any health and community care providers within the Ontario Health Interim and Transitional Regions (West, Central, Toronto, East and North), including all organizations that are part of the Ontario Structured Psychotherapy (OSP) program.

To learn more about how Measurement-Based Care can impact your services, visit www.greenspacehealth.com/measurement.

By selecting Vendors of Record, Ontario Health has simplified the process for organizations to implement Measurement-Based Care, an important step in accelerating the adoption of Measurement-Based Care and improving the quality of mental health and substance use services delivered in Ontario.

Measurement-Based Care is an essential component of mental health and substance use treatment, allowing providers and clients to monitor response to treatment closely and make collaborative care decisions, which has benefits at multiple levels:

  • For clients, to help them better understand their condition, engage in the care process and monitor their symptoms.
  • For providers, to support clinical decision making.
  • For organizations, to analyze aggregate data and identify opportunities for quality improvement.
  • For health systems, allowing visibility into program efficacy and how different populations experience and respond to different treatment models.

“It’s obvious to most in the mental health space that the quality of mental health care must continue to evolve and improve,” said Simon Weisz, Founder and President, Greenspace Health. “Greenspace is thrilled to be a Vendor of Record for Ontario Health, and to work in partnership to improve access to high-quality mental health care for all Ontarians. The focus on this important aspect of care is a display of Ontario’s mental health leadership and demonstrates the commitment to improving mental health care in this province.”

Greenspace has successfully implemented its Measurement-Based Care platform with a diverse range of organizations across Ontario, including three Network Lead Organizations (NLOs) within the OSP program: The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre (East Region), Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care (Central Region) and CarePoint Health (Central Region). Having Measurement-Based Care as a core component of the OSP program will ensure that more health and community care providers have the technology, data and insights needed to improve the quality of care across Ontario.

“Greenspace has provided our OSP leadership with clear visibility into the treatment outcomes achieved across the program, by service delivery site and by provider. This has enabled continuous quality improvement and strong supervision practices within the program. In addition to the OSP program, The Royal has integrated MBC into the COVID Frontline Wellness CBT program,” said Tom Dobson, Manager, Client Services-Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program at Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre.

Jessica Ariss, MRSc, Program Manager, Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program at North Simcoe Muskoka, Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care, says “Greenspace has structured our program so that each service delivery site can manage their own implementation, can supervise its own client population and can access its own aggregate data on treatment outcomes, enabling better support for both clients and clinicians and creating transparency between Waypoint and each service delivery site.”

For more information, please visit greenspacehealth.com.

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Greenspace develops technology solutions to transform mental health systems by improving the way that care is accessed, measured and delivered. Their Measurement-Based Care platforms enable mental health providers and organizations to implement consistent, evidence-based measurement into their practice. Their platforms allow mental health service organizations to significantly improve client results while generating valuable data to improve mental health outcomes and overall quality of care.

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