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Relationship Satisfaction | RAS

Relationship Assessment Scale (RAS)

Recommended frequency: Every 4 weeks


The Relationship Assessment Scale (“RAS”) is an instrument used to measure general relationship satisfaction. The RAS is appropriate for use with any individuals who are in an intimate relationship, such as married couples, cohabiting couples, engaged couples, or dating couples. This instrument is 7 questions long. Its brevity increases its utility in clinical settings, and research has shown the scale to be correlated with measures of love, marital satisfaction, sexual attitudes, self-disclosure, commitment, and investment in a relationship.

Psychometric Properties

This instrument has been well validated with reliable psychometric properties in a variety of research settings.



The Scale

Select the number for each item which best answers that item for you.

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A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5. Items 4 and 7 are reverse scored.  To calculate the total score, add up all of the items. The scores range from 7 to 35 and Greenspace has provided the following ranges for guidance based on the answer key.

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