Your voice at the heart of care.

Measurement-Based Care checks in with how you’re doing on a regular basis so you can better understand your mental health, ensure that your experience is at the centre of care, and feel empowered as an active partner in your care process.

Why MBC matters.

Here’s how Measurement-Based Care will help improve your experience in care:


A Process Proven to Help You Thrive

Tracking your progress throughout care is one of the most influential predictors of positive treatment outcomes. With Greenspace, you can work with your provider to regularly track your progress, so you can both understand and respond to your results over time.


1. Complete quick and simple assessments.

Done regularly, every 2-4 weeks on your desktop, phone, tablet, or in session.


2. Log into your Greenspace account.

It’s where you can see your symptoms visualized and better understand your progress.


3. Look over your results.

Reflect on what you feel is important to talk about with your provider at your next session.


4. Collaborate with your provider in session on your treatment plan and goals.

They also have access to your results, so you can both be on the same page when discussing your experience in care or making treatment decisions.


5. Continue to access your results after you’ve completed care.

If you start treatment again later, even with a new provider, you can pick up where you left off and your provider can have a strong understanding of your previous experience in care.


6. Privacy and Security are the foundation of the Greenspace platform

You can feel confident in knowing that all of your data is confidential and secure. Only you and your care team can see your results and your data will never be shared with any third parties.

With mental health and addictions specifically, empowering people who are struggling with these illnesses can be a key part of their ability to recover. We can take this data into our own hands, learn from it, share it with other providers, and smash any delusions we may have about the progress we're making in care.

Naomi Richter

Director of Care, Former Greenspace Client

We’ve seen Greenspace be a really valuable part of the therapeutic process with almost all of the clients we use it with.

Michael Decaire

Clinical Psychologist, Flex Psychology

It [MBC] gives each individual we're working with the ability to grow and move beyond subjective assessments of how they're doing and to really see, identify and target the activities they want to engage in to improve their care.

Brandon Fisher

Chief Strategy Officer, Merakey

See the impact for yourself

Greenspace’s Measurement-Based Care platforms help people engage in care, feel better and get the most out of treatment.

Clients using Greenspace MBC

Thousands of providers are serving clients with Greenspace MBC.

Therapeutic Alliance

MBC helps you build a strong relationship with your therapist.

Improved outcomes

Using MBC in treatment is shown to promote improved progress in care.

These data points reflect the results of the Greenspace Measurement-Based Care platform on average across the hundreds of organizations in North America who have implemented our platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Greenspace a replacement for having to see my therapist?

No. Greenspace is a clinical tool that does not replace sessions with your therapist. Measuring your progress using Greenspace supplements and supports the therapy process with additional objective information.

Is there a fee to participate?

No. There is no fee for you (the client) to participate.

What if I see something in my data that I didn’t expect?

That’s exactly what MBC is for! Bring it up with your therapist and you can work together to understand your symptoms. If you’re struggling with sleep or social anxiety, for example, your data will show that and can help you work with your provider to adjust your treatment plan to address it.

Why does data matter in mental health care?

For the same reason that it matters in physical health care! Imagine living with diabetes without a glucose meter to monitor your blood sugar levels. Not only can your doctor use that information to diagnose you and determine the appropriate course of treatment, but you have the ability to monitor your own glucose levels at home and manage your symptoms.

Adding data into mental health treatment serves the same purpose. You can use it as a tool to better communicate your symptoms and both you and your provider will be able to understand your progress and have extra insight into what you need to feel better.

What is Therapeutic Alliance and why is it important?

Therapeutic alliance is all about the relationship that you form with your therapist! It’s about how strongly you feel they understand you and your needs, how you engage with one another, and how strong of a bond you develop together.

This relationship is so important because of the nature of the information you’re sharing with your therapist. The more you connect with your therapist and trust them, the more you can be open with them, allowing you to learn and grow from your sessions. If you are not able to be open with your therapist, this may mean that you do not have a strong therapeutic alliance and they may not be the best fit for you.

To learn more about Therapeutic Alliance and how it’s measured, visit our help centre.

Do I have to have a therapist to participate?

Since MBC is a process that is done in partnership with a licensed mental health professional, you do need a therapist to use Greenspace.

If you are not currently in care, consider asking your next provider if they take an MBC approach to care.


Implementing MBC to drive program equity for people in care

Background, education, comfort, community stigma, and familiarity with mental health treatment can all play a major role in a person’s ability to communicate their needs, goals, and experience in care. Measurement-Based Care ensures that clients are empowered with the knowledge and tools to better communicate with their provider and is fundamental to delivering equitable and culturally sensitive services.

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The Impact of MBC on Client in Care: By the Numbers

Aligned with research on MBC, our implementation outcomes consistently show that the more assessments a person completes during their care, the better their outcomes.

"As we work hard every day to achieve health equity throughout our services, it is vital to have the client voice at the center of their care process. By partnering with Greenspace, we are able to get data in real-time for both our providers and their clients, which allows us to improve client-provider communication and inform treatment decisions, which is a real game-changer to help us improve overall outcomes and equity in care."

Lisa Russell

Chief Program Officer, Encompass Community Services
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Data used to monitor symptoms over time