About Greenspace

Mission Driven, Since Day One

Every person accessing behavioral health services should receive high quality care that helps them thrive. We work every day to empower service providers and users with the technology, tools, and insights they need to provide the best care possible.

What We Do

Greenspace is transforming the way that behavioral healthcare is accessed, measured, and delivered. Through innovative and intuitive technology, our partners are able to easily implement Measurement-Based Care. From individual clinicians to small clinics, hospitals, campuses, or entire health systems–our solutions are built to flex to the unique needs and challenges of any workflow.


Meet Our Team

Building the technology and tools to transform the future of behavioral health care requires a team of great minds; individuals that are diverse, empathetic, collaborative, and who will go above and beyond for the ever-evolving needs of our partners. Meet the faces of Greenspace:

About Jeremy

Jeremy (He/Him) completed a joint business and law degree at the Ivey Business School and Western University. Prior to co-founding Greenspace, Jeremy began his career as an M&A and corporate lawyer at Goodmans LLP, followed by business and product development roles at the NEO Exchange. Jeremy is also a co-founder of True North Sports Camps.

Jeremy Weisz

About Simon

Simon (He/Him) is motivated by work on important challenges that create social impact. He completed his education and began his career in business and law, which included work at Stikeman Elliott LLP. Simon then helped to launch Building Up, a non-profit social enterprise that supports people living with barriers to employment. This experience led to a shift in priorities and professional interest, which includes the founding of Greenspace Health, acting as Board Chair for Raising the Roof and Building Up, and volunteer work in support of refugee families.

Simon Weisz

About Mike

Mike (He/Him) obtained a Computer Engineering degree from Queen’s University and has extensive experience in software development, product and engineering leadership. Mike was previously the lead developer at 500px where he helped create the 500px Marketplace, and has co-founded and built a number of other web and mobile applications, including Dirt and Tiny Tanks. Having seen friends and family struggle with mental health challenges, Mike is passionate about creating digital solutions that help people access care quickly and improve their lives.

Mike Lerner

Chief Technology Officer
About Jesse

Driven from personal and family mental health experiences, Jesse (He/Him) has committed his career to improving culture, education and support services surrounding mental health. Prior to Greenspace, Jesse served as the Vice President at; guiding them through unprecedented growth. He founded and led the development of Be There which was awarded two Webby Awards as the Top Health Website in the World. Jesse also spent seven years leading Development at the Movember Foundation and serves on the Board of Directors at Sheena’s Place, a centre for ED group therapy.

Jesse Hayman

Chief Growth Officer
About Alex

Alex (He/Him) has a BFA in Music Composition from Simon Fraser University and has built software for lawyers and municipal governments (and just for fun). His chart-topping, 5-star Reading List browser extension has over 40,000 users. As a web accessibility proponent, Alex is excited to create widely available mental health resources that work for everyone. He also plays in a band.

Alex Draper

Tech Lead
About Amogh

Amogh (He/Him) earned his Bachelor of Technology from University of Pune, India. Prior to Joining Greenspace, Amogh was working with a major Semiconductor company helping customers manage their thousands of APIs with an API management solution. He is good at connecting dots and creating simple solutions for complex problems. Outside work, Amogh is interested in outdoor activities like hiking, trails and spending time with family.

Amogh Agrawal

Senior Product Manager
About André

Passionate about technology, André (He/Him) has 25 years of experience working with software development in academic and startup environments. He has an M.Sc. degree in electrical engineering from the State University of Campinas (Unicamp), Brazil. Before joining Greenspace, he co-founded and worked as a full-stack software engineer at Venidera R&D, providing decision support software to companies in the Brazilian energy market.

André Toscano

Software Developer
About Ayesha

Before she joined Greenspace, Ayesha (She/Her) spent many years supporting individuals struggling with homelessness, addictions and mental health in different roles. She has a Masters in Clinical Psychology and a Post Grad certificate in Addictions and Mental Health. Ayesha strives to make a difference where she can and is committed to helping improve access to mental health care. Outside of work, Ayesha loves to spend time with her friends and family, read, play board games, go hiking and sleep.

Ayesha Iffat

Case Manager
Bogdan Orzea
Bogdan Orzea
About Bogdan

Bogdan (He/Him) started his professional career as a Structural Engineer but quickly realised that programming was his true calling. He has spent the last eight years working in various sized software companies in roles ranging from QA to Product Owner to Software Developer. Bogdan is a lifelong learner and enjoys keeping up with the latest technologies in mobile development or just learning something new altogether. He also loves spending time in nature, whether running, biking, camping, or hiking.

Bogdan Orzea

Mobile Tech Lead
About Brian

Brian (He/Him) is a tech junkie and professional nap taker. Before joining Greenspace, Brian has worked on pipelining tools for feature films, SPAs for e-commerce websites, streaming apps(not Netflix) and mobile apps. In his free time, he enjoys reading, writing and outdoor activities that involves lots of water.

Brian Wang

Software Developer
About Brit

Brit (She/Her) was most recently an artist-in-residence, content producer, and mentor with inPath, a not-for-profit that offers Indigenous youth opportunities to build creative skills and share their stories. She won the Best Audio Storytelling Award at the Tribeca Festival 2022 for the fiction podcast she wrote and directed, The Hollowed Out.

Brit has an M.A. in visual anthropology from Goldsmiths, U. of London and a B.A. in psychology from McGill University.

Brit Kewin

Content Manager
About Carly

Carly (She/Her) earned her BA in Economics and English at Wilfrid Laurier University. Prior to joining Greenspace, Carly worked as a customer success manager for several different Toronto start-ups, including Yelp for Restaurants, where she helped consult and scale the operations for many of Toronto’s top restaurants. Outside of work, Carly is passionate about reading, Kan Jam, and practicing yoga.

Carly Pointet

Customer Success Lead
About Clay

Clay (He/Him) has a HBSc in Psychology and Biology from the University of Toronto and is a current Venture for Canada Fellow. His past experience working in student affairs helped realize his passion for helping those facing adverse mental health challenges. In his free time, Clay enjoys taking on restoration projects and longboarding through High Park.

Clay Corson

Clinical Partnerships
About Cole

Cole (He/Him) is a lifelong learner, he began to write programs and computer games from age 10. Cole has bootstrapped several SaaS products, provided web consulting for over 50 businesses and organizations internationally, and joined Greenspace to help improve mental health tooling and grow in his ability. Cole currently serves at his local church, plays most instruments in his off-time, updates his blog, and continues in his passion for creating games.

Cole Hubscher

Software Developer
About Dan

Dan (He/Him) is a successful software engineer who has led many innovative teams. Prior to joining Greenspace, Dan was a technical director at FreshGrade supporting the growth of tech in education. He has led a team building a large-scale scheduling application and supported the technology of marketing businesses. Outside of work, Dan can be found enjoying the mountains with his family.

Dan Loverock

Engineering Manager
About Elaine

Before joining Greenspace, Elaine (She/They) worked at a global fintech start-up as a QA Automation Developer. She has a BASc in Engineering, Computer Engineering from Simon Fraser University. Elaine is passionate about developing technology that could improve the lives of others. Outside of work, Elaine finds joy in telling stories with their friends—whether D&D or Toastmasters—and catching up with their never-ending reading list on Storygraph.

Elaine Crisostomo

Software QA Developer
About Eric

Eric (He/Him) completed his B.Sc. in Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of British Columbia. Prior to Greenspace he gained experience at the BC Cancer agency developing 3D simulation software for treatment planning. Fostered by employment at a homeless shelter, Eric developed an interest in mental health. In his spare time Eric takes an ontological approach to achieving self actualization! He also loves his family and friends.

Eric Nelson

Software Developer
About Evan

Evan (He/Him) graduated from Camosun College in Victoria BC in 2013. Since then he has worked as a software developer for several small startup companies, and creative agencies. In his spare time he enjoys staying fit, and making electronic music. Prior to Greenspace he worked at another BC based startup that makes email tracking software.

Evan Churchill

Tech Lead
About Evan

Evan (He/Him) received his BA in Sociology and Health Studies from the University of Toronto, where he was very involved in all aspects of student life – from student government to cultural groups on campus. During his undergrad, Evan was an Administrative Assistant with B&C Health and volunteered his time with Trillium Health Partner’s Hospital Elder Lifecare Program (HELP) where he worked to improve the mental health of older adults. Outside of work, Evan stays active with hockey and volleyball while still finding time to try out every café he comes across.

Evan Gadil

Case Manager
About Evelyn

Evelyn (She/Her) is a practitioner of both science and art, with over 6 years of experience in designing web and mobile application experiences for government agencies (Toronto Zoo, Gov of Canada), health and Edutech startups in Toronto.
Before joining Greenspace, she at Altus Assessments, where she led the design culture by creating delightful experiences for over 100,000 students and 400 admissions teams. She loves cats.

Evelyn Liu

Senior Product Designer
About Greg

Greg (He/Him) has earned a B.Sc. in Atmospheric Science and a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia. He brings 5 years of software development experience to Greenspace. Greg is passionate about photography and can often be found camping, hiking, skiing, or bouldering.

Greg Allen

Software Developer
About Graeme

Graeme (He/Him) is a seasoned developer, with over 10 years of practice building user experiences on the web. Prior to Greenspace, Graeme has worked to support Wind Power, Green Building, Health Care, and Housing. He is passionate about building practical and elegant tools to support people doing their jobs. He also likes bikes, and tries to run now and then.

Graeme Worthy

Software Developer
About Harry

Harry (He/Him) is passionate about creating system-wide improvements in healthcare. Prior to joining Greenspace, Harry helped scale and lead the consumer sales team at eSight, TIME Magazine’s “2017 Invention of the Year”. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology and Global Development from Western University, where he founded the Student Projects Committee and established the Online Student Exhibition at the McIntosh Art Gallery. Harry is also a member of Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada, where he continues his passion for mentorship.

Harry Williams

Director of Sales
About Holly

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Studies from Queen’s University, Holly (She/Her) can attest to the growing global trend of digital healthcare. After working in the digital healthcare industry for the last three years, Holly believes that we are at a pivotal moment in healthcare, and she is passionate about improving the quality, accessibility, and effectiveness of mental health services. Don’t be surprised when Holly brings up her two miniature dachshunds Oakley and Bowie.

Holly Crystal

Account Executive
About Inge

Prior to Greenspace, Inge (She/Her) earned her M.Sc in Clinical Psychology in the Netherlands and worked as a psychologist for 5 years. She moved to Canada in 2016 and landed a job at a SaaS company, where she worked as a QA-analyst and front-end developer. She is excited that she can now combine her passion for mental health care with her technical skills. In her spare time, Inge likes to stay active and spend time with her loved ones and her two cats Casper and Maverick.

Inge Wieser

Software Developer
About Jason

Jason (He/Him) is driven by an urge to make the most of his skills while making a significant social impact. He completed his Honours BBA at Wilfrid Laurier University. Since then, Jason has developed livelihood programs in the Philippines, been a motivational speaker at WE Charity, built national programs from the ground up at, and most recently served as a Director of Service Programs at Kids Help Phone. Outside of work, you will often find Jason learning the ropes of parenthood and hosting games nights that get out of hand very quickly.

Jason Frittaion

Director of Sales Operations
About Jay

Jay (He/Him) is passionate about ending the stigma around mental health, especially among young men, as well as improving the access and quality of mental health treatment in North America. His interest in the mental health field led him to a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from Queen’s University, and subsequently working at Greenspace. Outside of his work at Greenspace, Jay is a guitar player, singer/songwriter, and music producer.

Jay Goddard

Clinical Partnerships
About Jeffrey

Jeffrey (He/Him) is a Professional Engineer with over 15 years of multi-industry experience in systems design and software development. He has led teams of developers in companies from big to small in Sweden, the UK and Canada. His family is full of mental health experts and he loves that he gets to contribute in this space. In his spare time Jeffrey loves listening to music, mountain biking, and hiking with his wife and three children.

Jeffrey Larson

Tech Lead
About Joel

Before joining Greenspace, Joel (He/Him) worked on the Service Desk team at Mozilla and was a backend developer in the fintech industry building systems to monitor and analyze market data. He is currently working on making mental health resources accessible to all Canadians. You will often find him enjoying a nice cup of coffee, going out for a hike, going out for a drive, or playing video games.

Joel Aro

Software Developer
Jordan Finewax_1
About Jordan

Over the last 5 years, Jordan (He/Him) has been in various sales, marketing and customer success roles in the health tech world, helping patients along the way. He is passionate about making genuine connections with healthcare practitioners and getting to the root of problems to help his customers succeed. Outside of work, Jordan is an avid runner and cyclist, cook, and all-around sports guy, while enjoying time with his family.

Jordan Finewax

Senior Customer Success Manager
Joseph Teh
Joseph Teh
About Joseph

Joseph (He/Him) is an analytics professional with 4 years of experience in healthtech and edtech. A specialist in storytelling through creative visualization, he is excited to help clients discover new insights and pursue impactful decisions for better mental health. Joseph also enjoys spending time with loved ones, photography, swimming, and taking long walks in nature. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of British Columbia.

Joseph Teh

Data Analyst
About Kim

Kim (She/Her) completed her Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Counselling Psychology at the University of Toronto. Prior to joining Greenspace, Kim was an intern counsellor at York University where she provided brief individual psychotherapy, single sessions for crises, and intake sessions. Kim also volunteered at the Fraser Health Crisis Line and Burnaby Hospital as a friendly visitor in the Psychiatry Unit. Kim can often be found eating a slice of bread for breakfast!

Kim Tsang

Senior Case Manager
Laurie Villeton_1
Laurie Villeton_2
About Laurie

Before joining Greenspace, Laurie (She/Her) worked as a software developer for a health-tech start-up specialized in patient referrals. Laurie started going to therapy at a young age and has been an advocate for mental health among her family and friends ever since. She is passionate about building digital solutions that positively impact end users. In her spare time you can find Laurie unwinding in the outdoors, either on her mountain bike or her snowboard, depending on the season.

Laurie Villeton

Software Developer
About Luc

Luc’s (He/Him) passion for health & performance led him to study Kinesiology at Queen’s University where he graduated with distinction. Before joining Greenspace, Luc worked in product strategy at a digital mental health company and co-founded a company that connected researchers and participants for clinical research. Outside of work you can find Luc keeping active or searching for his lost golf balls.

Luc Pelletier

Product Owner
About Mackenzie

Mackenzie (He/Him) completed his B.Sc. in Computer Science and Data Science at the University of British Columbia. Prior to joining Greenspace, Mackenzie worked at Tveon, developing video processing interfaces, and FreshGrade, where he worked on build systems. He has also been involved with various projects to spark interest in STEM in high school youths. Outside of work, Mackenzie enjoys hiking, biking, camping, and music-ing.

Mackenzie Salloum

Senior Software Developer
About Maria

Maria (She/Her) brings a variety of business experiences to the mix – from marketing and operations to product, and of course, data. She has a B.Comm in Human Resource Management from the University of Western Australia and a Certificate in Data Science and Business Analytics from McGill University. She is motivated by new and exciting problems, and always wants to dig deeper. “Why?” is probably her favourite question! Maria also loves camping, hiking, swimming, skiing, and baking.

Maria Lebedeva

Senior Product Analyst
About Matt

Matt (He/Him) has a passion for modern technology, with a focus on building quality and accessible platforms for users. Before joining Greenspace, Matt has worn multiple hats over the last five years for several SaaS companies in Australia and Canada. In his time outside work, he is a passionate skier, hiker, cyclist, and guitarist.

Matt Shirley

Software Developer
About Mike

Mike (He/Him) earned a BA in Philosophy and Cognitive Science at the University of Toronto, followed by a Masters in Management, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship from Queen’s University. He spent 6 years training and competing with the Canadian National Rowing Team, where he represented Canada at the London 2012 Olympics as well as multiple World Championships. This was a period of extreme highs and lows, which coupled with intense scrutiny of physical performance measurement led to a keen interest in mental health advocacy and data-driven process improvement.

Mike Braithwaite

Clinical Partnerships Manager
About Mimi

Mimi (She/Her) is a multimedia designer with strong focus on graphic art, illustration, and motion graphics. As a person who values a healthy lifestyle, she’s excited to learn and use her creativity in delivering impactful mental-health products. Outside of work, she loves spreading positivity through her lovely art on Instagram, being a plushie addict, a Disney fan, and a purely musical soul.

Mimi Bui

Motion Graphic Designer
About Moaath

Moaath (He/Him) completed his Applied Computer Science degree (BSc) at University of Winnipeg and has several years of software development experience. Prior to joining Greenspace, He gained valuable experience with data and data visualization working as a software developer at Investors Group. Since an early age, Moaath developed a passion for building user-friendly applications and was involved in various freelancing projects.

Moaath Alattas

Senior Software Developer
About Murielle

Murielle (She/Her) earned her Bachelor of Arts in Human Geography from the University of British Columbia. Prior to joining Greenspace, Murielle worked as a Product Owner at a Vancouver based SaaS company specializing in patient communication for the dental industry. She is passionate about using technology to solve problems, and delivering value to customers. Outside of work, Murielle likes to stay active and get outside whether it’s hiking with her dog, or playing softball with rec team. She’s always looking for the next new restaurant to try out in Vancouver.

Murielle Osien

Product Manager
Neil Mooney
Neil Mooney
About Neil

Neil (He/Him) has over 10 years of experience working in product design for both established and early start-up organizations. Prior to joining Greenspace he worked at In his spare time you can find him out on his bike, behind the decks and spending time with family and friends. As a cancer survivor, he has personally seen the issues with a one-size-fits-all approach to mental health. He’s excited to join the Greenspace team to help improve mental health access in Canada.

Neil Mooney

Senior Product Designer
About Nick

Nick (He/Him) brings a passion for improving mental health access to Greenspace that has been shaped by personal experience and the experience of close friends. Prior to joining Greenspace, Nick worked in IT at lululemon supporting store network infrastructure. Nick loves to learn anything (especially languages) and on the weekend you can find him biking up mountains on the north shore of Vancouver or spending time with family and friends.

Nick Kalmakoff

Support Developer
About Rebecca

UK-born Rebecca (She/Her) has spent her career as a designer working in Sydney, London, and Vancouver for over ten years. She previously worked in the Fintech and Mar-tech industries. She has a B.A in design from University Of The Arts London and is passionate about delivering best-in-class user experience. Making mental health help accessible to people matters to Rebecca, as she believes it is an often overlooked part of living a happy, healthy, and centred life, helping people overcome trauma, loss, addiction, or difficult life transitions.

Rebecca Preston

Senior Product Designer (Population Health)
About Robin

Robin (She/Her) holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Regina. Prior to joining Greenspace, Robin worked in various software development roles at Estated, GasBuddy and SGI. Robin loves music, gardening, and hiking with her dog, Clover.

Robin Jastrzebski

Software Developer
About Rose

Prior to joining Greenspace Rose (She/Her) earned her BSc in Biology and her Masters in global health policy from the University of Western Ontario. Rose has always had a keen interest in healthcare and has worked in project management and customer success at healthcare companies. While at Greenspace Rose is currently working towards her Masters in Psychology, and hopes to continue on to her PsyD.

Rose Moss

Senior Customer Success Manager
About Ryan

Ryan (He/Him) is a passionate technology enthusiast with over 10 years of experience in a wide range of technical roles and responsibilities. Before joining Greenspace, Ryan was a developer at Freshgrade Education Inc, where he focused on improving parent, student and teacher communication. He is also a strong advocate for the startup weekend initiative and won an event as the lead developer of a social media application called Aptiv.

Ryan Luker

Tech Lead
About Sarah

Sarah (She/Her) is dedicated to improving the client experience, especially within the healthcare system. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications at York University, a post-graduate diploma in Public Relations from Humber College, and is currently an MBA Candidate at the Degroote School of Business. Prior to joining Greenspace, Sarah has worked in customer success, marketing, and communications. Outside of work, Sarah is an avid crocheter, performs improv, and co-hosts the The Alopecia Project podcast.

Sarah Adams

Customer Success Lead
About Sarah

Prior to joining Greenspace, Sarah (She/Her) earned her BSc. in psychology and biology and lead multiple research studies at Carleton university. During this time, Sarah discovered her passion for mental health and developed a drive to improve quality of care available for herself and others. When she’s not working, Sarah enjoys spending her time hiking with her two dogs, catching a sports game or munching on some good food.

Sarah Jaheny

Clinical Partnerships
About Selena

Selena (She/Her) graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a degree in Communications & Sociology, where she developed her passion for research, writing, and social advocacy. Prior to joining Greenspace, Selena worked as a Marketing Specialist for Wicks Forge while freelancing as a copywriter. She is excited to now be able to use her love of writing to drive positive change in the mental health industry.

Selena Fulham

Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Susan Chiu_1
Susan Chiu_2
About Susan

Susan (She/Her) holds her BA in Social Psychology from McMaster University, where she developed her passion for mental health. Susan has worked as a Customer Success Manager for a retail SaaS company to offer improvements for customer and operational excellence prior to joining Greenspace. Pivoting back to her passion, Susan is excited to bring the best client experience to the healthcare field. Outside of work, Susan can often be found enjoying a cup of coffee, working out, and finding the next travel destination.

Susan Chiu

Customer Support Representative
About Tanya

Tanya (She/Her) earned a PhD in Exercise and Health Psychology from the University of Toronto. Prior to joining Greenspace, she was Senior Consultant at Shift Health, a strategy consultancy firm serving the health research and innovation ecosystem. Tanya also spent several years working in Public Health and was actively involved in the evaluation and implementation of numerous provincial programs. Tanya is passionate about using evidence-based approaches to promote mental health and well-being for all.

Tanya Scarapicchia

Clinical Lead and Partnerships
About Twyla

Twyla (She/Her) completed her Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree at Carleton University. Prior to joining Greenspace, Twyla worked at women and children shelters providing case management and crisis services to women and children experiencing homelessness or fleeing from domestic violence. Twyla also worked at Carleton’s Centre for Student Academic Support as a Workshop and Bounce Back Facilitator. In Twyla’s spare time you can find her reading, hanging out with friends, trying to keep her plants alive or finding the nearest dog to pet.

Twyla D'Souza

Case Manager
About Vanessa

Vanessa (She/Her) completed her Master of Social Work (MSW) from university of Windsor in 2021. Throughout her social work career, Vanessa has worked with individuals struggling with homelessness and food insecurity, mental health challenges, developmental disorders, domestic abuse, and human trafficking. In her time off, Vanessa likes to enjoy her days caring for her cats and playing board games with friends.

Vanessa Zammit

Case Manager
About Victoria

Victoria (She/Her) completed an Honours Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences with minors in Biology and Psychology from Wilfrid Laurier University. She was a member of the Student Union Board of Directors and president of Laurier Cares About Health where she focused on raising money to support health care initiatives in the Waterloo Region. Outside of Greenspace, Victoria spends her time working on a research project with Health Promotion Ontario studying the social impacts stemming from the COVID pandemic.

Victoria Bothwell

Clinical Partnerships
About Victoria

Victoria (She/Her) has both an MBA and a BSc from Dalhousie University, and is ecstatic that she gets to apply both her backgrounds working for a healthcare technology company. Her initial exposure to the start-up space was through the Creative Destruction Lab in Halifax, and is also an alumni of the Venture for Canada fellowship program. In her spare time you can find her struggling to navigate new cycling routes with her Strava app on the outskirts of Toronto.

Victoria Chambers

Senior Customer Success Manager
About William

Will (He/Him) graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University. Prior to joining Greenspace, he founded a medical device start-up and supported other entrepreneurs as Program Manager at SFU’s startup incubator. He is passionate about using technology to make the world a better place. Outside of work, Will enjoys snowboarding, kayaking, and exploring new restaurants.

William Brenner

Product Manager
About Zohaib

Zohaib (He/Him) is passionate about the impact Greenspace is having on the way organizations provide mental health care. Before joining Greenspace, Zohaib has played a pivotal role in the growth of three technology companies in the education, hospitality and audio industries. Outside of work, Zohaib loves the outdoors and biking. He is a music producer, DJ and a lead programmer for a music venue called Sub Division.

Zohaib Bakhtyar

Clinical Partnerships Manager

How Greenspace Began

Our founders all had similar experiences; friends and family struggling to access the mental health support they needed or experiencing an inconsistent quality of care. Inspired to positively impact the sector, they began speaking with clinicians, people in care, clinical directors, and researchers to understand the most significant gaps within the behavioral healthcare system.

The most crucial gap that stood out was the clear lack of meaningful measurement in care. Unlike the rest of the healthcare industry – which relies heavily on data to inform treatment decisions, service innovation and system improvements – the behavioral health sector has traditionally not collected or leveraged data on clinical outcomes. For Greenspace, the answer was clear; the only way forward was with clinically-useful data at the core. By ensuring service providers have a strong understanding of what works and why for the people they serve, we can immediately impact patient outcomes and drive continuous quality improvement across any behavioral health system.

Launched in 2015 out of St. Michael’s Hospital, Greenspace set out on a mission to bridge the gap between Measurement-Based Care research and its implementation in practice. Today, we support hundreds of clinics, hospitals, organizations, and health systems looking to implement MBC to enhance the quality of services they provide.

Partnering with North America’s leading organizations to deliver the highest quality mental health care.
Texas Tech University Sports Medicine Program Logo

Working primarily with student athletes in the sports psychology program.

Catholic Charities Logo

Implementing MBC in school, residential, and outpatient mental health programs.

Maryland Behavioral Health Solutions Logo

Serving 8,970 clients across Maryland with a coordinated MBC implementation.

The Children's Guild Logo

MDCBH organization supporting child and youth clients with MBC.

Sheppard Pratt Health System Logo

Largest private, nonprofit provider of mental health and social services.

Leader in evidence-based care serving children and families in Maryland.


We Make Measurement-Based Care Easier Than Ever. Here’s How:

We are your partners.

Our team will guide your organization through a successful implementation and we’ll be there to make sure your Measurement-Based Care plan and process is successful, whether it’s helping determine your service flow, choosing assessments and how they’re delivered or training your clinicians. Our support doesn’t stop at implementation or fit the traditional customer service you’re used to, we are your partners and our team will be there to support you every step of the way.

Our solutions improve everyday.

As demand for behavioral health care continues to rise, service quality needs to continually improve and be held to the same high standard as other medical areas. Measurement-Based Care is a fundamental part of the equation and should be at the core of every person’s care journey. We hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure our MBC solutions improve every day in order to empower service providers and users with the best-in-class technology, tools and insights that they need to thrive.

Best-in-class user experience.

Our solutions make the Measurement-Based Care process easier than ever before, for service providers and users. We’ve removed paper and pen with automated cloud-based assessments, created delivery methods that suit the need of each individual client, integrated 50+ evidence based assessments and developed automatic data visualization and insights for both clients and clinicians. These are just a few of the technology advancements we’ve made to simplify MBC and allow for its continued momentum and adoption.

Privacy and security is our foundation.

When it comes to Personal Health Information, nothing is more important than privacy and security. Greenspace is SOC 2 Type II compliant and conforms to digital and physical security protocols, including HIPAA. Privacy and security are the first consideration in every decision we make and we’re committed to meeting and exceeding industry standards.

All data and information is stored in the US.

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Our team will guide your organization through a successful implementation and we’ll be there to make sure your Measurement-Based Care plan and process is successful, whether it’s helping determine your service flow, choosing assessments and how they’re delivered or training your clinicians. Our support doesn’t stop at implementation or fit the traditional customer service you’re used to, we are your partners and our team will be there to support you every step of the way.


As demand for behavioral health care continues to rise, service quality needs to continually improve and be held to the same high standard as other medical areas. Measurement-Based Care is a fundamental part of the equation and should be at the core of every person’s care journey. We hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure our MBC solutions improve every day in order to empower service providers and users with the best-in-class technology, tools and insights that they need to thrive.


Our solutions make the Measurement-Based Care process easier than ever before, for service providers and users. We’ve removed paper and pen with automated cloud-based assessments, created delivery methods that suit the need of each individual client, integrated 50+ evidence based assessments and developed automatic data visualization and insights for both clients and clinicians. These are just a few of the technology advancements we’ve made to simplify MBC and allow for its continued momentum and adoption.


When it comes to Personal Health Information, nothing is more important than privacy and security. Greenspace is SOC 2 Type II compliant and conforms to digital and physical security protocols, including HIPAA. Privacy and security are the first consideration in every decision we make and we’re committed to meeting and exceeding industry standards.

All data and information is stored in the US.

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