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Engage research participants and collect data easier than ever before. With automated, flexible assessment delivery and completion, you’ll have the tools your research team needs to generate insights, run any report at the click of a button, and export data with ease.

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The Greenspace platform is intuitive, versatile, and frankly a game-changer when it comes to embracing measurement-based care. Their assessment repository is impressive, and the option to add new instruments reflects Greenspace’s interest in accommodating existing clinic preferences and workflows with minimal interruption. It also means their repository is ever growing. I am so impressed with the Greenspace platform.

Damion J. Grasso, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, CT Licensed Clinical Psychologist, UConn Health

To increase screening we need a platform that's accessible and easy for our participants to engage with. They should feel that the data is meaningful to them, where they can see their scores and use this to promote conversations with their clinicians. Greenspace has really facilitated engagement and meaningful clinical care.

Kristin Horsley, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher, McMaster, Clinical & Health Psychologist

Greenspace’s Measurement-Based Care platform has allowed us to streamline and expand our research process, providing insights we can action, and helping create an individualized experience for participants. It has also served as a useful prompt for participants, allowing the MPARC research team to successfully achieve high assessment completion rates as a result.

Catherine Sabiston, Ph.D.

Professor, Canadian Research Chair in Physical Activity and Mental Health, University of Toronto

With the combined expertise of Greenspace, local clinicians, behavioral health agencies, county administrators, managed care, researchers and academic institutions, we are collectively designing a new powerful initiative for our region.

Jim Spencer

Senior Director of Clinical Management, NBHCC

Proven in Practice

The Greenspace platform helps increase participant engagement and empowers your team to collect and leverage high-quality data sets, easier than ever before.

Assessment Completion

Participant engagement & high-quality data.

Assessment Completion
Assessments Available

Add more and customize them for your needs.

Assessments Available
Assessments Completed

We support more than 450 organizations in North America.

Assessments Completed

These data points reflect the results of Greenspace Measurement-Based Care on average across the hundreds of organizations across North America who have implemented our platform.


Does Greenspace maintain security practices in line with industry best practices and US standards?

Security of patient information and privacy is the foundation of the Greenspace platform. We take this responsibility very seriously and have implemented significant measures to safeguard patients’ personal health information that exceed industry standards and best practices. Greenspace is SOC 2 Type II compliant and conforms to digital and physical security protocols (including HIPAA), with SSL-secured access, AES encryption at the filesystem level, and firewalls protecting all data. We take many additional precautions to protect privacy including: requiring strong passwords, automatic logouts, automatic access logging, secured data backups, two factor authentication and restrictive data access procedures. Please review our Security Page for more details.

Where is participant information and data stored?

All patient information and data is stored in Canada. Greenspace works with a secure cloud hosting provider called Aptible, which is specifically designed to securely manage and store confidential and highly sensitive healthcare information. Aptible has been tested and certified by security and privacy professionals from Kaiser Permanente, MD Anderson, UnitedHealth Group, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, and many others. In addition, Aptible is certified for compliance with ISO 27001, SOC 2, and HITRUST CSF.

Can I customize account functionality for different research stakeholders

Absolutely. Each time you create an Account, you can set permissions applicable to that specific user. This means that each admin, researcher, participant, provider, clinician, or otherwise can be granted the exact permissions and visibility to match their project role. That said, it is important to note that participants do not need an account in order to submit assessments.

My research study requires specific assessments that are not currently on your platform, can these be added for my project?

Yes. Greenspace can build custom assessments as needed. Whether they’re for screening, baselines assessment, or ongoing data collection— we will work with your team to ensure you can collect all of the data and insights necessary for your project.

Can data be exported from Greenspace?

Yes. In addition to the automatically generated visual insights and custom dashboards available within Greenspace, you can easily export all data collected in raw formats to be analyzed with any external tools or systems you regularly leverage. Data can be exported via PDF, .CSV, TXT, Excel Spreadsheet, JSON, HTML, Markdown, PNG.

Can Greenspace be used for screening and intake?

Yes! Our Intake Platform is design to work seamlessly alongside our Measurement platform. You can efficiently capture all information needed from participants, establish benchmarks for screening, and immediately onboard those who qualify— reducing and automating repetitive administrative tasks for your team. Review, filter, and prioritize your intake list based on participant-completed assessments, and any other relevant information that you choose to collect.

Can Greenspace integrate with other systems?

Yes. Greenspace is already integrated with 85+ other systems and EHR’s. Our team can manage the process from start to finish, providing your team with a seamless integration into any system using a standards-based framework. Alternatively, we offer an open API that organizations can build against directly – either with an in-house IT team or in collaboration with a vendor. Either way, our team will support the process and work collaboratively to ensure that you’re set up for success. For more information, explore out Integrations Page.

What assessment completion methods does Greenspace offer?

Participants can receive assessments via email or SMS and can complete assessments on their phone, desktop, tablet or using our Kiosk function in person. Both administrators and participants can choose to customize the frequency and delivery date/time of assessments to fit participants preferred schedule or what is required by your study.

Can the platform be custom branded for our institution?

Absolutely! The platform can be custom branded to reflect your institutions identity. Custom branding includes, (i) a custom web address; (ii) inclusion of your organization’s logo and colour scheme; (iii) custom patient resources; (iii) customized messaging and emails (iiii) removal of all references to Greenspace; and (iv) custom terms of use and privacy policies.

Partnering with North America’s leading organizations to fuel innovative behavioral health research.

MPARC Partners with Greenspace Health to Support its MoveU.HappyU Program

The MPARC facility is dedicated to researching and developing physical activity and mental health programs to support those at risk of inactivity and mental health challenges. They service a range of groups, including mental health service users, cancer survivors, youth sport participants and people with spinal cord injuries. MoveU.HappyU is an innovative and free six-week program that aims to improve student mental health through physical activity.

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Press Release: Northeast Behavioral Health Care Consortium (NBHCC)

NBHCC x Greenspace Health Partner on a Coordinated Implementation of MBC

NBHCC has chosen to approach this coordinated MBC implementation to achieve three primary goals: (a) alignment across providers on the model of measurement; (b) expanded resources for implementation and change management; and (c) shared patient-reported outcome data and insights to generate benchmarks and drive quality improvement initiatives.

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Press Release: UConn Health

UConn Health’s Child and Family Development Program Partners with Greenspace Health to Better Support Parents and Their Children with Behavioral Health Challenges

Led by David P. FitzGerald, Ph.D, their free 8-10 week parenting groups and clinical support services are designed to support the parents of children 6-17 years old who are experiencing behavioural health challenges. Through regular assessments, program leads will monitor child functioning, parental stress, and the impact of parental stress on the mental health outcomes of their children.

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Higher Therapeutic Alliance & Symptom Improvement

Early in their implementation, the MPARC team at the University of Toronto started seeing excellent results, with an average therapeutic alliance score of 85%, and an average symptom improvement score of 33% amongst all program participants.