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Greenspace Partners With the Florida Behavioral Health Association to Launch a Coordinated MBC Implementation

Greenspace Health has partnered with the Florida Behavioral Health Association (FBHA) to launch a coordinated implementation of Measurement-Based Care (MBC) across its member organizations.

MBC involves tracking client progress throughout treatment using consistent patient-reported outcome measures (PROMS). It provides an avenue for clinicians and their clients to regularly check in with each other, reflect on objective data illustrating symptom change, and uncover insights that can inform treatment decisions. The uptake of MBC is growing rapidly, being recognized as a foundational component of evidence-based behavioral healthcare. National accrediting bodies, like the Joint Commission, are making a major push to drive its adoption.

This coordinated implementation project will put powerful outcome data and insights into the hands of early adopters to inform clinical decision-making and ultimately improve treatment outcomes.

The Florida Behavioral Health Association and its 70+ community behavioral health provider members are incredibly excited to partner with Greenspace on this important initiative.  We believe measurement-based care is a critical component of value-based purchasing implementation and that MBC provides a means to establish clinically driven benchmarks that clearly demonstrate the efficacy of community-based behavioral health care.

Melanie Brown-Woofter

President/CEO, Florida Behavioral Health Association

The Research

Measurement-Based Care ensures clinically valuable data is at the center of the care process. This empowers both providers and clients with the tools they need to thrive.

The evidence behind MBC is clear. Research shows a direct correlation between measuring progress and improved client outcomes:

The Goals of the FBHA Coordinated Implementation

With the launch of this coordinated MBC implementation, FBHA is working with their provider organizations to be proactive and prepared for the evolving reporting and value-based care landscape in Florida. This implementation will help reduce barriers to clinical adoption, increase information sharing and learning, and help drive improved behavioral health care across the state. FBHA has identified a set of clear goals to be achieved throughout the course of this project:

  • Promote the use of a consistent evidence-based approach across member organizations;
  • Increase adoption of MBC across FBHA members, with expanded implementation support and clinician education;
  • Empower organizations with clear outcome data, and generate aggregate data reports and insights that support QI initiatives and benchmarking across the State;
  • Utilize data for value-based care (VBC) and advocacy purposes. Proactively communicate outcomes and learnings with the Department of Children and Families’ Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health to inform and influence evolving reporting requirements—particularly as value-based payment models continue to be defined.


The Community Behavioral Health Association of Maryland partnered with Greenspace in 2021 to launch a similar coordinated implementation with 16 organizations. The project has been extremely successful in driving improved care across Maryland, through greater clinic collaboration, sharing of best practices, and improved advocacy within the State of Maryland. Greenspace and FBHA are excited to see how this model of implementation will similarly impact and improve the quality of care across Florida.

What are the Benefits of MBC for FBHA Providers?

In addition to enhancing quality of care and improving client outcomes, FBHA organizations who implement MBC can benefit in the following ways:

  • Increased revenue via improved engagement. MBC is proven to reduce cancellations and drop-out rates. Evidence shows that MBC will increase the average number of attended sessions for each client by as much as one additional session (Duncan et al. 2021).
  • Benefits for the Clinician and Supervisor. Clinicians, supervisors, and managers are empowered with clear outcome data and insights. This helps them easily identify off-track cases, better manage client care, create a culture of learning across the organization, and streamline the clinical supervision process.
  • Outcome Data. MBC makes it possible to understand the impact of each team’s services and what programs/care pathways are most effective. Teams can leverage this data to improve the effectiveness of their service offering and in external conversations with payors and other stakeholders.
  • Alignment with industry requirements. The behavioral health industry is quickly adopting MBC, with many accrediting bodies, payors, and other stakeholders requiring its use as a core component of high quality, evidence-based care. Participating clinics will have the foundation in place to easily adapt as VBC and other reporting requirements continue to evolve.


Steps to Success

In order to ensure successful adoption of MBC, FBHA and Greenspace will take a flexible and phased approach to this project. Implementation is most successful when stakeholders are engaged, providers feel empowered, and feedback from stakeholders is collected at every step of the process. Greenspace and FBHA are working closely to ensure that organizations are able to easily implement MBC and have identified three core areas for support throughout the process:

  1. With any new clinical process, supporting change management is a key priority. Education and resources to ensure clinical buy-in will be a focus of the FBHA working group.
  2. There is often the perception that MBC may be an additional burden on clinician time and administrative effort. However, in practice— and with the right technology— MBC reduces administrative burden and is significant value-add for both clinical and reporting processes. Greenspace will work with early adopter organizations to ensure workflows are implemented that create efficiencies for clinicians and administrators. Integration with EHR systems and mapping to existing workflows are keys to success that will be supported by Greenspace. This can ensure that there is no duplication of data entry, and can enable support for additional reporting requirements.

Greenspace and FBHA are excited for the future of this partnership and project. We’ve seen the impact data and measurement can have, both for individual organizations and across entire regions— and the results are undeniable. FBHA early adopters will be some of the first in Florida to gather this level of data and insights, to learn from each other throughout the process, and ultimately, to revolutionize the quality of care available across the State.

To learn more about the project, MBC, or how Greenspace can support your organization, book a call with an implementation expert today.

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