Partner Spotlight  |   Apr 5, 2024  |   3 minute read

Welcoming New Partners to Greenspace: January & February 2024

We’re thrilled to share a new group of recent additions to our community of Measurement-Based Care (MBC) partner clinics and organizations. Each are making a significant impact in the lives of individuals, families, and communities through their dedication to high-quality and evidence-based mental health services. Keep reading to learn about their amazing work, the range of populations they serve, and the various programs they offer. Massive gratitude to each organization for trusting Greenspace to help drive their measurement, quality assurance, and clinical goals forward.

Henry J. Austin Health Center
Location: New Jersey, USA

Based in Trenton, New Jersey, the Henry J. Austin Health Center delivers high-quality and person-centered Healthcare to their culturally diverse community. They are the largest non-hospital based ambulatory care provider in Trenton, providing a continuum of services from primary care to behavioral health, oral health, and clinical pharmacy services.

Bridgeway Community Health
Location: Oregon, USA

For the last 15 years, Bridgeway Community Health has been providing high quality mental health and addiction treatment for their clients. Their services include primary care, residential services, group support, and a range of outpatient programs.

Location: British Columbia, Canada

WorkSafeBC has been helping communities across British Columbia improve their health and safety in the workplace since 1917. They have done so by building a sustainable no-fault insurance system that supports both workers and employers.

iMind Behavioral Health
Location: Maryland, USA

iMind Behavioral Health provides a comprehensive range of behavioral health supports with a focus on accessibility and inclusive services for everyone. Their care options include crisis response, urgent care, outpatient therapy, and intensive in-home services.

Anise Health
Location: USA

Anise Health offers culturally responsive mental health supports, catered to the unique needs of Asian Americans. Anise has provided over 2000 virtual sessions, helping their clients to address a wide range of mental health and wellness concerns.

District School Board of Niagara
Location: Ontario, Canada

The District School Board of Niagara provides students with a high quality education, giving them the tools to pursue their dreams. The board serves about 43,000 students across 79 elementary schools and 18 secondary schools in the Niagara region.

Family Service Association of Greater Elgin
Location: Illinois, USA

Founded in 1931, Family Service Association of Greater Elgin is a private, not-for profit agency offering services to individuals of all ages. The organization serves over 2000 clients annually, offering various programs including outpatient therapy, family support, crisis intervention, and more.

Life Renewal Services
Location: Maryland, USA

Life Renewal Services is comprised of a team of licensed Therapists, Social Workers, Trained Rehabilitation Coordinators and Psychiatrists. They deliver comprehensive treatment interventions for children and adults experiencing serious and persistent mental illness, co-occurring substance abuse disorders, or those that are need of support for emotional crises or trauma. Their team is launching Greenspace within their school-based services in order to improve care quality and reporting.

Sudbury Catholic District School Board
Location:  Ontario, Canada

Sudbury Catholic District School Board is situated in North-Central Ontario, Canada. They operate 13 elementary schools, 4 secondary schools, as well as an adult learning centre. The school board aims to provide a positive environment, where students with mental health concerns can feel comfortable reaching out for help.

Calvert County Health Department
Location: Maryland, USA

Based in Maryland, Calvert County Health Department is a government organization that promotes and protects the health of all county residents. The department provides mental health, behavioural health, and substance use treatment to residents of all ages.

Aspire Integrated Healthcare Solutions
Location: California, USA

Aspire Integrated Healthcare is a California-based healthcare management and services company. They are passionate about advancing healthcare delivery systems and dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of individuals across the USA.

Ascend Mental Health
Location: Maryland, USA

Located in Baltimore, Ascend Mental Health is an outpatient mental health clinic that has been providing high quality services since 2014. Their multidisciplinary team of therapists, psychiatrists, and counsellors provide personalized and evidence-based care to their patients.

CORE, University of British Columbia, Okanagan
Location: British Columbia, Ontario

CORE is focused on developing evidence-based mental/behavioural interventions to improve health outcomes, and translate this knowledge to inform policy change. The CORE research team has received grant funding to integrate mental health screening through Greenspace into their Long Term Therapy clinic. Their goal is to demonstrate the efficacy of their services, which can be leveraged to improve mental health screening and support services across the UBCO campus.