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Watch: Exploring the Impact of Measurement-Based Care at Homewood Health


With over 130 years of experience, Homewood Health is a Canadian leader in mental health and addiction services. They have a national network of over 6,000 employees and clinical experts at locations across the country, working diligently to deliver a complete continuum of high-quality mental healthcare.

In 2018, Homewood Health implemented Measurement-Based Care, marking them as industry leader in mental health outcome improvement and care innovation.

Join us on February 8th at 1PM EST for a webinar hosted by Greenspace Health and Homewood Health, featuring Shannon Remers, Director of Research and Outcomes at Homewood. During this live webinar, we will explore key success factors driving Homewood’s MBC implementation success, including ensuring clinician and client buy-in, the role of technology, and effective strategies for implementations. The session will include a breakdown of Homewood’s outcome data, key learnings and insights from their implementation, and a Q&A session with Shannon Remers.

Key Learnings:

  • Why Homewood Health chose to implement MBC
  • Leveraging technology to secure clinician and client buy-in
  • Strategies for effective implementation
  • Examining Homewood outcomes data, key learnings, and future insights


About the Speakers


Shannon Remers
Director of Research and Outcomes, Homewood Health Inc (HHI)

Shannon Remers, Director of Research and Outcomes at Homewood Health Inc (HHI), leads HHI’s internal research initiatives aimed at optimizing outcomes, bringing best practice into programs, implementing Measurement-Based Care in treatment, and using psychometrics to help determine optimal treatment plans. For the last 10 years Shannon has led the development and implementation of Measurement-Based Care at Homewood and continues to look for ways to maximize the use, benefits and clinical applications within Homewood as well as the larger mental health and substance use system.

Shannon has worked in the mental health and addictions sector for 15 years. She received her Masters of Science in Cognitive Neuroscience from Wilfrid Laurier University and a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology and diploma in Forensics Science, from Saint Mary’s University.



Jeremy Weisz
Co-founder and CEO, Greenspace Health

As the co-founder and CEO of Greenspace Health, Jeremy Weisz is revolutionizing the mental health industry through the implementation of Measurement-Based Care (MBC) in clinical settings. With a deep understanding of MBC’s potential to transform the quality of behavioral health services, Jeremy co-founded Greenspace to bridge the gap between research and its practical clinical implementation. Under his leadership, Greenspace has successfully supported over 500 organizations and health systems across North America in improving their behavioral health services through MBC.

Prior to co-founding Greenspace, Jeremy earned both his business and law degrees at the Ivey Business School and Western University, and worked as an M&A and corporate lawyer at Goodmans LLP. He is also a co-founder of True North Sports Camps and has held key business and product development roles at the Aequitas NEO Exchange. Jeremy’s passion for empowering individuals and service providers in the mental health care industry is evident in his unwavering dedication to improving the quality and effectiveness of behavioral health services through Greenspace Health.