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Key Learnings: Jeremy Weisz Talking MBC @ Future of Mental Healthcare East

Greenspace’s CEO and co-founder, Jeremy Weisz, presented at the Future of Mental Healthcare Summit last month. He shared some exceptional insights into the future of Measurement-Based Care (MBC) and its growing adoption as a foundational component of evidence-based behavioral health services – here are some of the key takeaways:

1. MBC will help support the transition to Value-Based Care (VBC)

When discussing the move to value-based care in the US, Jeremy addresses the challenges organizations face in making the transition. He shares what Greenspace has heard from our clinic partners, in terms of the value that outcome data, alongside clear visualizations and flexible reports, has provided when entering VBC funding and reporting requirement discussions and negotiations with payors.

2. Taking a phased approach can be the key to strong clinical adoption

Using an example from a Greenspace implementation, Jeremy explains how taking a phased approach has helped many of our clinic partners foster excitement and engagement for MBC across their organization.

Jeremy shares some insight into the phased implementation approach taken by Nova Scotia Health Authority, and how this supported successful adoption across the province.

3. Greenspace makes MBC work for your organization

Every clinic has different processes and workflows, and MBC needs to be able to flex to the unique needs and challenges across different types of service organizations and populations served. Jeremy explains the flexibility built into the foundation of the Greenspace platform, which allows any organization— no matter the program type, workflow, population served, or reporting requirements— to easily adopt Measurement-Based Care.

Click here to view the full presentation and listen to more of Jeremy’s insights. To learn more about Measurement-Based Care, its alignment with value-based care, or how to implement it at your organization, schedule a call with one of our implementation experts today.


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