Jul 15, 2022  |   2 minute read

Three Additional Network Lead Organizations Join Greenspace to Drive Improved Client Outcomes Under the Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program

Greenspace Health is thrilled to welcome three additional partners, and new Network Lead Organizations (NLOs) from the Ontario Structured Psychotherapy (OSP) Program: CarePoint Health, St. Joseph’s Care Group and Health Sciences North. These three NLOs are joining The Royal and Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care; two existing NLOs that have been using the Greenspace Measurement-Based Care (MBC) platform for over three years. All five NLOs will be leveraging Greenspace’s Measurement-Based Care platform, facilitating a uniform approach to MBC in order to improve client care and effectively measure and report on OSP Program outcomes.

The OSP Program is publicly funded and offers short-term, evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to people in Ontario experiencing mild to moderate depression, anxiety, and other anxiety related problems. Measurement-Based Care is a core component of the OSP program, allowing clients and providers to assess treatment response and make collaborative care decisions, which is proven to contribute to improved client outcomes.

Earlier this year, Greenspace was selected as a Vendor of Record (VOR) by Ontario Health to support mental health and addictions providers in the province with our Measurement-Based Care solution. The VOR process has helped to accelerate the adoption of MBC amongst our new OSP Program partners, allowing these sites to begin the important work of expanding access to care in Ontario, while ensuring that it is supported by MBC.

“It’s exciting to see the growth of this important provincial initiative and Greenspace’s role within it, both with our existing partners and these three new regions coming on board. Based on our experience to date working within OSP, our expectation is that these five NLOs will see better client outcomes, bolstered by an extremely high quality data set to inform program innovation and improvement.”
– Simon Weisz, President, Greenspace Health

There is a unique opportunity presented by having five of the OSP NLOs leveraging the Greenspace solution. First, it allows for increased collaboration and sharing of best practices. The ability to understand the impact of services on different client populations, and share these learnings across Ontario can drive improved care for everyone in the province.

Second, new NLOs will benefit from a fast and seamless implementation process across their region. Through past experience within the OSP Program, Greenspace has laid the groundwork to support a successful regional implementation, which includes established workflows, assessments, data structures and automated reporting. Each NLO will have the technology and tools needed to successfully manage care, understand their client population and create transparency into outcomes across their region.

Finally, this can have a major impact on expanding and improving client-centered care and access to information. In selecting Greenspace as their MBC solution, all five partners have displayed the value they find in providing clients with the ability to access and learn from their own data. Measurement-Based Care is designed to be a collaborative process between provider and clients, and this approach is shown to increase client engagement, reduce dropout, and improve outcomes for people in care.

We’re excited to be partnering with these additional NLOs to support the mental health needs of all people in Ontario accessing the OSP program. As the program continues to grow, we look forward to the opportunity to implement MBC across the province, to drive better outcomes and innovation in the mental health industry.

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