Sep 21, 2021  |   2 minute read

Video: Coordinated Measurement Based Care Implementation in Maryland

Greenspace is proud to play an integral role in the successful first-year of a pilot program in collaboration with The Community Behavioral Health Association of Maryland (CBH) to implement Measurement Based Care (MBC) in a coordinated effort across 16 treatment organizations, representing 690 clinicians and over 10,000 clients.

The pilot program has demonstrated a reduction in time, cost, and effort to implement MBC. Clinicians who adopted MBC as part of the pilot program have highlighted the positive impacts MBC has had on client engagement, therapeutic alliance and the overall quality of care.

Mary Rimi, Outpatient Mental Health Clinic program Director at Leading By Example says “Overall the clients really like being able to see the progress and the changes they are making, and it can be really meaningful, clinically, for clients. Sometimes we can feel like we are stuck where we are, but if we actually engage one of these measures, we can see that even though right now you are feeling a little stuck, you are doing better than you were when you started, which is a huge benefit of being able to use these tools”

Dr. Elizabeth Connors, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine also states “…having that early signal alarm is a really helpful part of MBC. It is designed to empower clients to be partners and active participants in evaluating their care with you, throughout the treatment process.”

Feedback from participating organizations has demonstrated the meaningful impact MBC can have on treatment outcomes including improved quality of care, increased client engagement, improved client-clinician communication and a stronger therapeutic alliance. Access to real-time, objective and client reported data on treatment and visibility for organizations to track their clinical outcomes are other noted benefits of the program.

Due to its success to date, the MBC pilot program is heading into year two and CBH plans to expand it to more of its member organizations. It is a powerful example of the positive impact that the coordinated implementation of MBC can have on the quality of care for clients accessing behavioral health services.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Maryland MBC pilot, you can watch the video below, visit or book a call with a MBC implementation expert at

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