Mar 5, 2022  |   < 1

Turning Stone Counseling

  • Location: Pasadena, Maryland
  • Population served: Children, teens, & adults
  • Organization Type: Private Group Practice
  • Platform: Measurement-Based Care

We are happy to announce our new partner, Turning Stone Counseling, a private practice serving children, teens, and adults with anxiety, depression, perinatal concerns, trauma, and school issues. Turning Stone Counseling has been measuring client progress through the delivery of client assessments every six months. They are now looking to take the next step, with a plan to deliver more frequent and consistent assessments to better understand how their clients are responding throughout the entire treatment process.

Turning Stone Counseling is implementing Greenspace to prioritize Measurement-Based Care, as they value objective data and its ability to help guide clinical decision making to improve the overall quality of care. They’re excited to leverage our data visualization tools so that their clinicians and clients can better understand changes in symptoms at a glance, and discuss those changes together. Turning Stone wants to provide the best possible care, and they’re dedicated to giving their clinicians and clients the right tools to make that possible.